The Tropics

A few snaps from a recent weekend away up north. Very relaxing without the kids (love you S & J). Shots of me taken by Krys.

Fuji X100T

This week while i am still pretty quiet i have been asked by a legend at Fuji to try out the latest Fuji x100t. More to come.


Trying my had at some long exposure beach photography. Having some time off has been great as it gets you thinking about shooting something different. 

I had a chance to hang out with Nikki, a past bride, and help her out with a few snaps for her new website and social media. I had planed to be in the images too but it turned out Nikki was no good with a camera......

I had an awesome weekend in Jindy/Perisher with some rad friends. You legends know who you are. For censorship reasons, most of the photos taken are not suitable for public consumption. 3rd frame taken by my main man K-swizzle.

Up at the crack of dawn to shoot the sunrise with a few mates. Thank god McDonalds are open at 5.30 for coffee.

A small collection of cityscapes, scenes and elements collected over the years. Shot on both digital and film. Bangkok, Singapore, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Kyoto.

Here are a few pics from a trip a few weeks back to Melb's with a few rad people. 

All images edited with VSCO pack 07: Kodak Tri-X 320

All images shot: Canon 5dmk111 / sigma art 35mm 1.4

I have started this additional blog after having some time off in which i have had some time to look at and work on some personal images, some going back over a year! I spend so much time shooting people these days,  i forgot how much i love shooting landscapes, travel and everything else really.  All the wedding stuff will still be found on the usual channels. After a bit of thinking i concluded that this format will be fine for me as i am not too fussed on it getting "Instagram" type exposure for exposures sake (photography pun) being part of a feed that gets glossed over. It seems with social media these days you only have someones attention for a split second which is a shame. If you make it here thats awesome and if not, no big deal. I might also start posting images with settings/technique too.